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We’re available 24/7 to address your legal questions and concerns.

We understand the impact a criminal or family case has on you, and your loved ones. Regardless of how serious or complicated you may feel your case is, we will guide you through the process in an efficient and attentive manner focusing on family first.

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A Proven Dedication for the Clients

Team oriented legal representation for over 30 years

Our team of family and criminal attorneys has over 30 years of litigation and courtroom experience. Utilizing a collaborative approach, we will guide you through all steps of the process whether you are in contested litigation or a negotiated mediation.

Extensive Courtroom experience, with over 10 years of trial and courtroom experience.

More than 3,000 criminal and DUI cases handled. A vast trial experience ranging from simple DUI to Homicide, domestic violence, and financial white-collar crimes.

A Military owned business. As a member of the Armed Forces, we understand the issues placed on working families, and how to work with drive and purpose.