What Happens When You Get A DUI?- 2024 Guide

what happens when you get a dui

You may have watched a TV show or movie where a driver is charged with a DUI. There always seems to be a lot of yelling and confusion before the driver is shoved into the back of a police officer’s car. Real life is not as exciting as life portrayed on the big screen. The […]

Bail Vs Bond – What Is The Difference?

judge holding pen checking document wooden desk

Navigating the legal system often brings up complex terms and concepts, such as bail vs bond. While these terms are related and sometimes used interchangeably, they have distinct meanings and functions within the judicial system.  Understanding the differences between bond vs bail is crucial, especially for those who find themselves or their loved ones involved […]

Indictment Vs Charge – What Is The Difference?

charge vs indictment

Understanding legal terms like indictment and charge can be confusing, yet they are crucial within criminal law. These two words may sound similar, but they significantly differ in terms of who issues them and their implications on the accused. This blog demystifies these terms for you, outlining their definitions, the processes involved, and the differences […]

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