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A criminal charge can stay on your record for years, even decades. This can seriously affect your ability to obtain employment, housing, and professional licenses. It is vital to have a proficient and steadfast expungement lawyer on your side to ensure you do not suffer the long-term effects of your charge.

Whether you are looking to get your record sealed or expunged, Garrett can help you through the complexities of this legal process. Garrett has a vast understanding of the laws and regulations involved in expungement and will do everything in his power to assist you in this pursuit.

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How can garrett help?

  • Explanation of the expungement process and eligibility
  • Preparation and filing of the expungement petition
  • Representation in court hearings pertaining to your case
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A clean slate

Garrett understands the impact that a criminal record can have on your life. As your expungement attorney, he will do his utmost to help you get a clean slate so you can move forward without fear of what the future might hold.

A fresh start

Garret will provide you with sound legal counsel and representation to help you leave the worries you carried with this charge in the past and pursue what’s next. Once your charges are expunged, you will have a fresh start and the second chance you deserve.

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