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Garrett provides relentless and experienced criminal defense for clients charged with theft-related offenses. His extensive experience in criminal defense allows him to understand the legal process and the strategies he must utilize.

The smallest detail can make all the difference regarding criminal defense. As a dependable theft attorney, Garrett will use all his resources to investigate your case and do everything in his power to prove your innocence or to lessen the charges against you.

Bakersfield theft crime lawyer

How can garrett help?

  • A thorough investigation of details and evidence of your case
  • Defense representation in court hearings and proceedings
  • Assistance in plea bargaining to reduce or dismiss charges
We're available 24/7 to address your legal questions and concerns.

Judgement free defense

You deserve a judgment-free environment that allows you to tell your story with the protection of a legal advocate. He designs his defense strategy to minimize the consequences that come with theft charges and offer you the second chance you deserve, no matter the story.

Preserve your reputation

Garrett understands that these cases involve more than legal repercussions such as financial consequences or jail time – they impact your future, career opportunities, and relationships. As your  theft crime lawyer, he will provide you with a tailored defense that addresses your concerns and helps you fight to stay in control of what’s to come.

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