Criminal Defense Attorney in Bakersfield

Navigating complexity with confidence

​​Garrett is a criminal defense and DUI attorney with 12+ years of experience and knowledge in helping people feel safe and secure as they navigate the legal process. He understands how daunting and uncertain facing criminal charges can be, so he offers compassion-driven protection and guidance.

Garrett provides clear explanations that help clients better understand their options. Additionally, he has built relationships with prosecutors and law enforcement personnel to help put clients in the best possible position to negotiate a favorable resolution.

Areas of Expertise

Our team of family and criminal attorneys has over 30 years of litigation and courtroom experience. Utilizing a collaborative approach, we will guide you through all steps of the process whether you are in contested litigation or a negotiated mediation.

Expertise you can rely on

As a former Armed Forces member, Garrett is no stranger to purpose-driven hard work and dedication. He has handled over 3,000 cases as a criminal lawyer throughout his career, providing clients with the expertise they need to feel confident in his services. He leverages this experience to create innovative and effective strategies, delivering the best possible outcome.

12+ years of experience
Military owned business
3000+ case handled

A proven dedication for the clients

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