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Garrett provides effective legal representation for individuals charged with drug-related crimes. His vast knowledge in cases as a drug crime lawyer ranging from simple possession to more serious charges such as trafficking offers a dependable and vigorous defense that is difficult to come by.

You can rest assured that as your drug crime attorney, Garrett will protect your rights and interests throughout the entire legal process. His wide-ranging experience in criminal defense and drug law also gives him the advantage of understanding that these cases are more than just simple pleadings and filings. They affect your reputation and, most importantly, your future.

drug crime attorney

How can garrett help?

  • Evaluation of the evidence and charges against you.
  • Representation in court hearings and proceedings.
  • Strategies to challenge the prosecution’s case and receive reduced or dismissed charges.
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Drug charges can significantly affect your life in obtaining housing, employment, financial support, relationships, and more. No matter the circumstances of your case, it is essential to have a forceful defense that will now allow any biases to overpower their duties.

You deserve a second chance

Garrett will thoroughly evaluate the evidence and develop strategies challenging the prosecution’s case. His goal is to offer you a solution that will safeguard your future and minimize your charge’s long and short-term consequences, from jail time to financial repercussions.

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