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An accusation of domestic violence with minimal backing is enough to be taken into police custody. Often, the police do not have the resources or time to investigate the case thoroughly but are still mandated to make an arrest. This leads to wrongful accusations and unfair criminal proceedings.

This is why it’s crucial to have a reliable and knowledgeable domestic violence attorney that can vigorously fight the charges and protect you from false accusations or undeserving penalties.

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  • Advising on the criminal process
  • Representation in court proceedings
  • Negotiation of settlement agreements
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When a domestic violence case is under question, emotions and tensions are running high. Even minor disagreements can be taken out of context, leading to severe consequences. Having someone on your side who understands domestic violence laws and can provide the necessary legal guidance is essential.

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As your domestic violence lawyer, Garrett will approach the case with the utmost respect and provide you with the honest, straightforward advice that your case deserves. He will fight to ensure that all evidence is examined carefully and all legal options are explored, no matter the circumstances.

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