Preserving the future of our youth

Charges ranging from simple shoplifting to severe crimes such as robbery and assault require unique attention from an experienced juvenile lawyer. If you or someone you know is facing juvenile criminal charges, you need an experienced lawyer to handle the case fairly and delicately.

Garrett will tailor his strategy to the particular needs of the youth and their families, focusing on minimizing or eliminating long-term repercussions.

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How can garrett help?

  • Thorough investigation of details and evidence of your case
  • Defense representation in court hearings and proceedings
  • Negotiating alternative sentencing options, dismissal of charges, or expungement.
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Advocacy when it's needed most

Many factors play into juvenile criminal charges, which often go beyond someone’s character. Young defenders who end up in the system have typically faced difficulties or do not have the emotional resources they need to keep themselves out of trouble. Garrett will act as an advocate in helping juveniles come out of this experience, hopeful for a better future.

A chance to change direction

The only way to help our youth and society is through understanding, advocacy, and rehabilitative guidance. Garrett’s focus is to keep them out of the criminal justice system and offer them a second chance for a bright future.

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