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Garrett has extensive experience representing those facing assault charges. He can assess the facts of your case and provide legal advice that will help you build a defense to prove your innocence or get your charges reduced.

With 12+ years of experience in criminal law, Garrett is a well-equipped assault attorney that will fight for you and protect your rights in court. He will closely examine every detail of your case to ensure that your best interests are considered.

protect your rights

How can garrett help?

  • Thorough assessment of the facts and evidence
  • Representation in court hearings and proceedings
  • Assistance with plea bargaining to reduce or dismiss charges
We're available 24/7 to address your legal questions and concerns.

A strategic approach

Garrett will examine all possible legal avenues and leverage any evidence or information available to build a strong defense. He can also assist with plea bargaining so that you can get the best outcome for your case.

Don't let an assault charge define you

Assault charges are serious and often have long-term consequences, such as difficulty finding employment, housing, educational opportunities, etc. Having an assault lawyer on your side is essential to avoid dealing with the severity of these repercussions for years to come.

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