An effective defense against serious gun charges

Gun-related crime charges can be severe, and the law often prosecutes them to the fullest extent. This is why it is essential to have skilled and reliable legal counsel who understands the intricacies of gun law.

His extensive experience in criminal defense and gun law will provide you with aggressive representation. Garrett will craft a strategy that will challenge the prosecution’s evidence and bring to light any inconsistencies or loopholes that he can use to your advantage.

Gun crime attorney bakersfield

How can garrett help?

  • Evaluation of the prosecution’s evidence and charges
  • Representation in court hearings and proceedings
  • Strategies to challenge the prosecution’s case and receive reduced or dismissed charges
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Do not let gun charges affect your future

A gun-related crime can have serious and long-lasting consequences. As your legal advocate, Garrett is here to help protect you from the numerous repercussions of a conviction. Garrett will work diligently to provide a competent defense that brings an ideal conclusion to move forward with.

Defense strategies you can trust

As your lawyer for gun charges, he will design his defense to challenge the evidence provided by the prosecution and determine if there was a violation of your constitutional rights. If they have not, Garrett will use all his resources to compel the charges against you to be reduced or dropped.

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