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Facing criminal charges is an intimidating experience, and the criminal lawyer you hire can make or break your case. Garrett has extensive experience in criminal law and a proven track record of success with over 12+ years of courtroom and trial experience. Garrett has handled cases ranging from simple misdemeanors to complex white-collar crimes.

Garrett will provide an advantageous defense regardless of the crime you are accused of. His understanding of the law and his unwavering dedication to his client allow him to represent you effectively and get an outcome in your best interest.

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When facing criminal charges, you need top-of-the-line legal counsel to help protect your rights and future. Garrett’s history in dealing with criminal charges as both a prosecutor and a defender presents him with an advantageous edge in the court of law. With this experience, he can craft a defense that is difficult to come by elsewhere.

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Garrett’s priority in criminal defense is to negotiate the best possible outcome for his clients. This may include dismissal of charges, reduced charges, or avoiding jail time. Garrett understands the severity of criminal charges and strives to provide you with solutions so you can move forward.

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