Catfishing – The Consequences for Impersonating Someone Else

You’ve probably heard of the term Catfishing before. Sometimes, the concept may make you giggle; a person pretends to be someone different when talking to another individual on the internet.  Sometimes people consider it an option to help them gain more confidence when speaking to someone else. It can be easier to open up online, […]

Can You Be Prosecuted for Making Someone Kill Themself?

Suicide is among the 11th highest causes of death in the US. It shows how rampant the act is and the efforts people should make to reduce the number and protect their loved ones. It’s even sadder if there was an external influence or pressure on the person to commit suicide. Some states and countries […]

Pressing Charges For a Criminal Act

what happens when someone presses charges against you

If you find yourself in the position where you’re wondering what happens when someone presses charges against you, it can be a confusing time. For the most part, prosecutors are the ones who decide whether the state will press criminal charges against a suspect.  That being said, victims still play a valuable role when it […]

Detained Vs Arrested: What is the Difference

Detention vs Arrest

Let’s understand detained vs arrested with an example Imagine you’re at home with a friend watching a cop show. A character is driving in their car, and they swerve; the cop pulls them over, thinking they’ve been drinking. The cop gets the person’s license and registration. After a tense moment of waiting, he returns with […]

What’s Legal and What’s Not: All About Cannabis

Not too long ago, each US state prohibited the use of cannabis. But things have changed dramatically. In many states, including California, cannabis is now legal for medicinal and recreational use. But there are still many rules that you must follow to use cannabis legally, even in California and other states where it is recreationally […]

What Are the Penalties in California for Attempted Murder?

lawyer working on a case

If you are facing an attempted murder sentence in California, the best first step is to seek competent legal counsel as soon as possible. The seriousness of attempted murder charges is second only to a charge for murder. If convicted of attempted murder, the severity of your sentence is typically not as long as a […]

What is 1st 2nd and 3rd Degree Murders?

what is 1st 2nd and 3rd degree murders

It does not take a legal expert to know that murder is one of the most severe charges police can levy against an individual. Thousands of movies and television shows focus on murder, and it is a crime that receives the most media attention. If you are someone you know has been charged, you may […]