What Is Alimony: Frequently Asked Questions

what is alimony

One spouse may have to pay the other a certain amount of money after getting divorced or separated. This is called alimony, spousal support, or maintenance. Alimony helps the spouse who earns less or has less money to live comfortably and cope with the financial changes that come with the end of the marriage. Alimony […]

Is a DUI a Felony or a Misdemeanor?

is a dui a felony

Drunk driving is a grave criminal offense, but how serious? DUI offenses can be misdemeanors or felonies depending on the surrounding circumstances and many factors. Consider this your complete guide to DUI felonies versus DUI misdemeanors.  Keep reading to learn the answer to the questions when is a DUI a felony and what makes a […]

Child Endangerment Laws and Charges 

What is child endangerment

Although “child endangerment” carries serious connotations, the laws surrounding this complex issue are relatively broad and can affect you if you aren’t careful. Child endangerment severely threatens parents, caregivers, teachers, and daycare workers.  Child endangerment is a standard charge; In 2017 alone, California received 400,187 referrals for child abuse and neglect, making it one of […]

What Is Hate Crime: Its Definition and Laws

closeup woman hand written with no word palm 1

Hate crimes entail criminal offenses where victims are targeted based on their perceived race, religion, class, sexual orientation, gender, ethnicity, and disability. Over the years, many countries, including the United States, have struggled with hate crimes that have victimized millions of Americans, decreasing their feelings of security and safety. Fortunately, hate crime laws exist to […]

What Is The Statute of Limitations in California?

statute of limitations in california

The statute of limitations began during the Roman era as it was part of Roman law. Over the years, many countries, including the United States, adopted this legal doctrine.  However, in the U.S., the statute of limitations is applied differently compared to other countries. For instance, the limitation for civil and criminal cases is different. […]

What is Embezzlement and How It Affects Your Life

impact of embezzlement

Embezzlement is a serious crime that can have significant repercussions in your life. It involves stealing money from company assets or from an employer, business partner, or other individuals by someone entrusted with their care. Unfortunately, in many cases, it’s easy to get caught up in the moment and commit this type of crime without […]

What Happens If You Miss Jury Duty in California?

what happens if you miss jury duty in california

Jury duty is an important civic responsibility, and all citizens should take it seriously. Unfortunately, life can sometimes get in the way of fulfilling this obligation, leaving those summoned to jury service wondering what will happen if they miss their court date. In California, missing your jury duty date can have serious legal and financial […]

Catfishing – The Consequences for Impersonating Someone Else

You’ve probably heard of the term Catfishing before. Sometimes, the concept may make you giggle; a person pretends to be someone different when talking to another individual on the internet.  Sometimes people consider it an option to help them gain more confidence when speaking to someone else. It can be easier to open up online, […]

Can You Be Prosecuted for Making Someone Kill Themself?

close up scales justice

Suicide is among the 11th highest causes of death in the US. It shows how rampant the act is and the efforts people should make to reduce the number and protect their loved ones. It’s even sadder if there was an external influence or pressure on the person to commit suicide. Some states and countries […]

Pressing Charges For a Criminal Act

what happens when someone presses charges against you

If you find yourself in the position where you’re wondering what happens when someone presses charges against you, it can be a confusing time. For the most part, prosecutors are the ones who decide whether the state will press criminal charges against a suspect.  That being said, victims still play a valuable role when it […]

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